Live blog, TEDxColumbus

Mike Figliuolo – Live Blog

2011 TEDxColumbus

Mike Figliuolo is here to talk about how travel has inspired him. And it did: it inspired him to try to observe the little things that make up the human condition.

The story starts with Figliuolo sitting in a bar with a friend. The two started to notice all of the strange people that passed by, both dressed strangely and behaving strangely. This inspired him and that friend to start an app devoted to the weird things you can see at the airport.

In his travels, he’s come across people with poorly-thought-through haircuts and even more poorly thought-through dress choices (including ill-fitting leotards and bad Elvis costumes). You can check out some of his examples at

Freakjet is fun. There are plenty of laughs to be had. But what I like about Freakjet is that, for all of the weird-looking and weird-behaving people, they’re all just like us in the end, trying to live an inspired life. This is particularly evident in the photos of people wearing hats shaped like animals and weird costumes made out of caution tape. For all of their goofiness, they really are just looking for inspiration, just like all of us.

Check out for more of this strange brand of inspiration.