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The impact of a TEDx talk.

Maryanna Klatt, Thresa Flores and Ann Fisher at TEDxColumbusWomen at the Columbus Foundation, December 1, 2011

Last week, nearly 60 women joined together at The Columbus Foundation to watch the livestream of TEDxWomen. In between the sets of capitvating talks being broadcast from New York and LA, we hosted two of our TEDxColumbus speakers, Maryanna Klatt and Theresa Flores, to present their TEDx talks again. After their presentations, they were joined by Ann Fisher, host of All Sides on WOSU (89.7 FM).

Ann was in the audience at TEDxColumbus at COSI on 11.11, and following Theresa’s talk, she introduced herself with an apology. At the Columbus Foundation a few weeks later, she shared what she said to Theresa that day, a survivor of human trafficking as a teenager.

“I told her I finally got it,” Fisher said. “When I was at the Dispatch a number of years ago, I wrote a story that was not completely representative of the true story. In part, I didn’t believe it, how could that really have happened to someone? But after hearing her TEDxColumbus talk, it finally crystalized for me. And I had to tell her I was sorry that I didn’t get it before. It was in large part because she’d worked so hard to build her story so that we could better understand and try to relate to what happened. And it worked. ”

We wanted to share this anecdote to share the power of a well-told story, especially one at a TEDx event where it can be watched over and over (via video). And how we found ourselves in the audience at TEDxWomenColumbus watching the two of them discuss the evolution of the story and learning from both sides.

Ann and Theresa were joined by Maryanna Klatt for a conversation after their talks, where they explored the power of the story – especially for women. And for Maryanna, a researcher in Mindfulness, how she focuses on the science to make her story credible with skeptics.

After hearing both Theresa and Maryanna’s talks again, I’m not sure who could be skeptical of either.