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Friday Favorites: Christian Adams

We’ve invited our past TEDxColumbus speakers and other friends to give us their top five favorite talks to in turn, share with you, for our Friday Favorites blog series.

This week, Christian Adams (full bio below) TEDxColumbus enthusiast shares his favorite photos from TEDxColumbus over the past five years.



Photography has come a long way since the early days of George Eastman’s democratization of the medium. There has been no less then three major paradigm shifts in the way we use it to tell a story. Over the long history of the medium photographs… …no, great photographs as mass communications tools have captured poignant single events, moments in time, that have shaped culture and history. While it has been editorialized good or bad in recent years with help from artificial sources they quickly distill and evoke emotion with little or no need for explanation. Regardless of use we document these events to remember and help us to never forget. Here are five of my favorite photographs captured from TEDxColumbus years past that help sum up why I love going every year:

 This is the question we face after an inspiring event like TEDxColumbus is over. It is great to have progressive ideas, but actually implementing change for a better community and society when returning to work.



There are people like me who feel comfortable being behind the camera and then those that use talent and passion to shine in front of it. Young people who make opportunities to use a platform like TEDxColumbus take chances and leave everything on the floor to let the audience decide and or be blown away constantly inspire me.



Capturing a healthy sense of wonderment means you are doing something right. It is that spark we all hope for to get the wheels turning and starting something new, brainstorming conversations or building buzz. Getting people excited about getting involved in whatever they are passionate about over the routine.



The TEDxColumbus crowd is a special group of people. Whether or not you are a person of secular faith TEDxColumbus is a communal event in its own way. Varied backgrounds with varying lens perspective, but always open minded to learning something new from others with different life experiences.



I’m a big fan of metaphors and clichés, because they’ve stood the test of time for a reason. In this case I’ve never been of being politically correct because it takes so much energy and effort. The juxtaposition of being a rebel to social norms has always been something I have found attractive. Life is too short to worry about the small stuff.



At the end of the day it is about working hard, fulfilling one’s life dreams, providing for the family and doing it in an authentic and ethical way. Art and business can coexist in a sustainable model even if it takes a few generations. The question you have to ask yourself is what will you be known for when it is all said and done? What legacy will you leave?


Christian Adams is a well respected marketing communications professional, author, speaker, and consultant with more than 20 years of experience as the result of a hobby that turned into a passion. Christian has been featured several online publications including Hubspot and has worked with some of the world’s most respected technology brands. His comprehensive expertise span from traditional media across to digital strategy, experience design, social marketing, digital commerce, mobile strategy, and search marketing.

As the Chief Hat Wearer at Sigma Creative he helps businesses analyze, craft and improve their marketing message for distribution to digital platforms and channels. Christian has worked with several startups and established businesses to help create a web presence as well as producing various multimedia marketing collateral that are aimed at a client’s target market. In his free time, Christian is an avid book reader and a history buff interested in everything that has to do with multicultural and sociopolitical issues.