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Brad Bushman at TEDxColumbus: Self-control exercises by Kendra Hovey

Lose 10 pounds. Get organized. They’re good enough ideas, but as resolutions go they’re a bit retread. It’s a new year. Doesn’t it deserve something better than the same old resolutions? But any fresh start needs fresh inspiration. So looking to TEDxColumbus and the ideas shared by this year’s speakers and performers, I culled together a list of potential resolutions. Whether inspirational, entertaining or even annoying it is offered along with a wish to all for a very Happy New Year!

This year I resolve to:

1. Never argue on an empty stomach. (Bushman)

2. Decide who I stand with. (Transit Arts)

3. Not hate math. (Fowler)

4. Solve my problem, and try to solve it for everyone else too. (Winter)

5. Support passenger rail in Ohio. (Nicholson)

6. Get up and make some noise. (BBX)

7. Flip counterproductive and clichéd messaging about creativity. (Foley)

8. Volunteer. (Morning of Action)

9. Be adventurous. (TEDxAdventure)

10. Speak out and challenge any insanity that makes it okay to kill unarmed people. (White, Sr.)

11. See my ideas through to impact. (Winter)

12. Blow off steam effectively with exercise, five-finger breathing and stretching. (Nguyen)

13. Learn to play the ukulele. (music curators)

14. Help make “Columbus, Ohio” just “Columbus.” (Donovan)

15. Let kids be kids, not widgets. (Prince)

16. Not confuse opinion and fact. (Mishra)

17. Think of myself as a co-evolver and act accordingly. (Rinaldo)

18.  Be open to the unexpected. (George)

19. Aspire to my own expectations, no matter what life throws at me. (Hocker)

20. Find the bypass. (Bouton)

Kendra Hovey is editor at TEDxColumbus: Follow This. On Twitter @KendraHovey, she blogs at