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TEDxColumbus 2018: On The Edge

Speaker Nominations Closed June 1, 2018

TEDxColumbus 2018: ON THE EDGE

The phrase itself is full of contradiction—it can be exhilarating, or it can be terrifying. When you are on the edge of something, no matter what course of action you take, you will find yourself unknown territory. What lies over the edge could be wonderful— discovery, innovation, equity. Or it could be dangerous— disaster, violence, failure.

Living on the edge can mean a life of adventure if you choose that life. Or, it can mean a life of invisibility and struggle if circumstances force you there.

Creating on the edge can push art and design to new territories where the impact lasts beyond a single lifetime. It can also mean a life of criticism and struggle as your work is misunderstood and unrecognized.

The edge is a place of inherent RISK. It is also a place where we need to shore up our TRUST. The only thing that is certain is that you can’t remain on the edge forever. It is a transient state. At some point you must find out what lies beyond.

This year, at TEDxColumbus we invite Columbus to consider:
What is Columbus on the edge of?
What is our world on the edge of solving?
What is putting our world and community on edge?
What is happening on the edges of Columbus? On the edges of society.
How do we know where the edges lie? 
How do we redefine our self-imposed limitations and edges? 
Who is forced to the edge of society?
Who has made a discovery that will take us over the edge?
Who is creating art with an edge?


Nominations are now closed.

DEADLINE for submissions was June 1st.
Please direct all questions to tedxcolumbus (at)

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