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2019 Speaker Interviews, Speakers, TEDxColumbus

A TEDxColumbus interview with Speaker Christian Family, Esq., owner of Christian Family Law.


TEDxColumbus: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

CF: I am a lawyer, mother, and transformation facilitator.  I grew up in Cleveland, attended an inner-city high school, graduated from the University of Rochester and earned my law degree from Case Western Reserve University. I own Christian Family Law, PC, a fast growing law firm where we help recreate families in a healthy way. I was a SAHM for 2 years with my now 7 year-old daughter. My two sons age 5 and 2 only know me as a working mom.  My vision for my life is abundance, influence, and peace and I strive to live according to those principles.


TEDxColumbus: What do others consider to be the most surprising thing about you?

CR: I legally changed my name to Christian Family in 2018.


TEDxColumbus: What inspired your interest in TEDxColumbus?

CF: Reframing the paradigm around divorce is an idea worth sharing, so there is no better forum than TEDxColumbus.


TEDxColumbus: What are you most looking forward to as a TEDxColumbus speaker?

CF: I am most looking forward to seeing the light bulb go on in the eyes of the audience when new ideas are planted.


TEDxColumbus: What inspires you about the future of Columbus?

CF: I am most inspired by the fact that Columbus’s best day is yet to come. It is a city with a future.


TEDxColumbus: When you host visitors from outside of Columbus, where will you typically take them?

CF: I take guests to Shadowbox Live, COSI, and the zoo.


TEDxColumbus: If you could give advice to yourself as a high school student, what would it be?

CF: Success is the result of changing how you perceive failure.   Successful people never fail; they win or they learn.


TEDxColumbus: What is your favorite book and why?

CF: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  The principles are universal and always relevant. It’s a life-hack for an abundant life.


And just for fun:

TEDxColumbus: Dog or Cat

CF: cat


TEDxColumbus: Netflix or Theater

CF: theater


TEDxColumbus: Form or Function

CF: Function


TEDxColumbus: Beach or Mountains

CF: Beach