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An Interview with Speaker Meghna Mahambrey

A TEDxColumbus interview with Speaker Meghna Mahambrey



TEDxColumbus: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

MM: I began my career as a preschool teacher, then transitioned to teaching at the college level.  I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio State University, studying romantic relationships, sexuality, and the evolution of marriage.


TEDxColumbus: What do others consider to be the most surprising thing about you?

MM: I am also a musician.  I dabble in pop + R&B + singer-songwriter.  I’m currently recording my 5th album, shooting my 3rd music video, and performing around town with my band.


TEDxColumbus: Have to ask, what’s the name of your band?

MM: Meghna. My website is meghnamusic.com.


TEDxColumbus: What inspired your interest in TEDxColumbus?

MM: I have always been a huge fan.  I regularly show TED talks to my college students, and watch them for fun myself.  In 2015, my band was invited to perform as the opening act of TEDxDayton, which was such an honor – but I always hoped that one day I could actually give a TED talk.  As luck would have it, the founder of TEDxColumbus was a special guest in one of my graduate classes earlier this year, and heard me present my research.  She encouraged me to apply, and my dream came true.


TEDxColumbus: What previous TED or TEDxColumbus talk was most meaningful to you?

MM: Esther Perel’s “Rethinking Infidelity” was one of the most insightful talks that resonated deeply and has inspired my own line of research and teaching.


TEDxColumbus: When you host visitors from outside of Columbus, where will you typically take them?

MM: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, of course!


TEDxColumbus: If you could give advice to yourself as a high school student, what would it be?

MM: I don’t know that I’d give her advice.  I would just hug her.


TEDxColumbus: What is your favorite book and why?

MM: The Five Love Languages.  It’s pretty much the key to success in all of our relationships, romantic or otherwise.


And just for fun:

TEDxColumbus: Dog or Cat

MM: …..Sophie’s Choice

TEDxColumbus: Netflix or Theater

MM: Netflix

TEDxColumbus: Facebook or Twitter

MM: Facebook

TEDxColumbus: Beach or Mountain

MM: Beach