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An Interview with Speaker Ray Bonini

A TEDxColumbus interview with Tech-Spark Speaker Ray Bonini

TEDxColumbus: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

RB: I have been in the technology field for twenty-four years and have worked with many Fortune 500 firms as well as startups.  In the last several years, I have been focusing on the Internet of Things technology and UCaaS, Unified Communications as a Service and have developed strategies and implementations for hundreds of organizations. I currently lead a team of Solutions Architects for Verizon.  I am originally from Warren, Ohio and am a graduate of The Ohio State University. Now I live in Clintonville with my wife and two sons.


TEDxColumbus: What previous TED or TEDxColumbus talk was most meaningful to you?

RB: Brene Brown: “The power of vulnerability.”


TEDxColumbus: What inspires you about the future of Columbus?

RB: The People!


TEDxColumbus: What do you consider to be a hidden gem of Columbus?

RB: Clintonville.


TEDxColumbus: If you could give advice to yourself as a high school student, what would it be?

RB: Being nerdy will actually work out for you.


TEDxColumbus: How did you select your career choice?

RB: It kind of selected me.


And just for fun:

TEDxColumbus: Dog or Cat

RB: Dog. Specifically German Shepherd.


TEDxColumbus: Facebook or Twitter

RB: Twitter


TEDxColumbus: Form or Function

RB: Function


TEDxColumbus: High Tech or Low Tech

RB: High Tech.

TEDxColumbus: Of course!