2021 Speaker Interviews

Meet Sophia Mohr

Sophia Mohr is the first Chief Innovation Officer at COTA.

Sophia’s understanding of the rapid transformation of the global transportation industry made her an ideal fit to join COTA in 2019 to look at the future mobility of Central Ohio.

A TEDxColumbus Interview with Sophia.

TEDxColumbus: What inspired you to speak at TEDxColumbusSalon?
SM: Ease of mobility provides the ability to fulfill your needs and also extends your opportunities. There are so many positive changes happening in the transportation arena that are going to help our community continue to grow and prosper that people need to hear about!

TEDxColumbus: What previous TED or TEDxColumbus talk has stuck with you?
SMBrene Brown’s TED talk about the power of vulnerability. I have listened to it multiple times, I also think it is more relevant now than ever since 2020 was such a challenging year for everyone.
TEDxColumbus: Why should people attend TEDxColumbus events?
SM: To learn and meet others in your neighborhood! It is so cool to see the amazing things that are happening right here!

TEDxColumbus: What is one surprising thing about you?
SM: Growing up I was very shy and would never have imagined that I would purposely go on stage to speak!

TEDxColumbus: What is something you learned in 2020?
SM: That slowing down is OK.

TEDxColumbus: What is one new habit you started in 2020?
SM: Walking with friends.

TEDxColumbus: What do you hope to do in 2021?
SM: Travel again.

TEDxColumbus: What is a hidden gem of Columbus?
SM: Glass Axis.

TEDxColumbus:  Form or function?
SM: Form