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2012 TEDxColumbus: The Future Revealed

Ben Sinabery (The Dick & Jane Project)

The Dick & Jane Project is a non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio. They host collaborative workshops where middle school students are partnered with local bands to create radio-worthy songs. The students write the lyrics and the musicians transform their words into song. Their mission is to help students, teachers, and communities discover the unique power and perspective that lives within the written work of young people.

The Dick & Jane Project seeks to integrate and expand arts learning in schools by giving young people the freedom and space to be inspired, and to use their imagination, creativity, and expression when working with professional musicians to create their own songs. The Dick & Jane Project gives young people the confidence to know that their words have a unique perspective and power which, in an environment of respect and engagement, can impact people beyond the classroom walls in a very real way. Once finished, songs are mastered, played on the radio, and performed live. Young people write songs and we take them seriously. As a result, young people take themselves seriously.

The Dick & Jane Project is for young people to hear and be heard. The process is emphasized, the final products are celebrated. They believe in adaptability and flexibility, and want young people to think in ways that they might not find in the classroom. They hope to impact the future of young people in a very positive way.

The Dick & Jane Project gives an audio show-down that is a collective mixture of melodic and punk rock performances.  They sing songs written exclusively from middle schoolers as an integrated collaboration for young people to use their imagination and be inspired.