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2016 Speakers TEDxColumbus

Debbie Goff

Debbie Goff Pharm.D. is an internationally renowned infectious diseases clinical pharmacist who works hand in hand with physicians and pharmacists in hospitals across six continents advocating for the responsible use of antibiotics through antibiotic stewardship. Dr. Goff passionately educates healthcare providers on the risk of prescribing antibiotics “just-in-case” there is an infection.

Debbie’s patient outcomes research and publications on antibiotic resistant “superbugs” has made her one of the global faces of antibiotic stewardship. Her fearless approach and her “nothing is impossible” attitude allows her to help hospitals implement stewardship teams in both the US and around the world. She started an international mentoring program for pharmacists from South African and Nigeria that includes bilateral visits, development of patient centered research, and ‘paying-it-forward’, allowing mentees to transfer skills to other colleagues.  She uses Twitter to engage, educate, learn, and connect with healthcare providers, consumers, and patient advocacy groups on topics related to antibiotics. Her global work allows her to strategically links health care experts from multiple countries together in a joint effort to fight superbugs.

Dr. Goff is an Infectious Diseases Specialist Pharmacist at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Clinical Associate Professor in the College of Pharmacy. She leads the research program for the Department of Pharmacy. Dr. Goff is a founding member of the OSU Antibiotic Stewardship Program and serves on the OSU One Health Antibiotic Stewardship committee, a multidisciplinary team of animal and human health, agriculture, and public health experts. She is the 2016 recipient of the OSU Emerging International Outreach and Engagement Award for her work in South Africa.


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