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2019 TEDxColumbusSalon

Evelyn Van Til

Speaking, writing and teaching about tech talent, career development, diversity and life-long learning, Evelyn Van Til empowers a growth mindset by focusing her audiences on the importance of living our values so that every human has a positive environment in which to grow, learn and give back.

Why you should listen
Evelyn Van Til is a speaker, coach, and consultant – an instigator for growing people and culture. She is passionate not only about opening doors of opportunity through open source technology but also in bridging the digital divide so everyone can truly benefit. Her social commentary takes the form of workshops, articles, conference talks, and coffee chats – as well as sometimes quite strongly worded Twitter threads. A firm believer in humans, she often draws her insights from personal stories, data and lived experience.

Van Til identifies as a coach, technologist, community builder and activist. She has survived working in marketing, education and tech for over 20 years. In serving tech up as accessible to all, her ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone has basic income, healthcare, childcare, food, housing and human rights.

Speaker, Coach, Consultant