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2013 TEDxColumbus: Out There

Miriam Bowers Abbott

Miriam Bowers Abbott is a Kansan, a teacher, the daughter of a scientist and a contractor, and the wife of an IT guy. As a result, she’s comfortable wearing many hats. Her two philosophy degrees are from Southern Methodist University and The Ohio State University, and she teaches logic and ethics. She’s also the instructor and course designer for English Composition classes at Mount Carmel College of Nursing. When not teaching, philosophizing or contemplating, Miriam writes for and several other local businesses and organizations.

As a logician, Miriam spends lots of time looking for patterns (and non-patterns, as in Bad News for Fibophiles, an article penned for Philosophy Now, in which she dismissed the mysticism of the Fibonacci series). She does find patterns in good writing, and in life, as well. Her favorite number is three, her favorite shape is a triangle, and her favorite preoccupation is her three sons.

Columbus Underground
Teacher, Writer, Logician