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2012 TEDxColumbus: The Future Revealed

Priyank Shah

Priyank Shah holds a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Sociology.  His research and area of expertise include: Demography, Education, Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Research Methodology, and Statistical Analysis.   Most recently, Priyank’s work has focused on institutional research and consulting projects in higher education.  He is very excited about and interested in projects focusing on the future needs of education and the family.  As an independent instructor he has taught several college courses, including Demography, Social Problems, Asian American Sociology, and Research Methods. In addition to his teaching activities, he provides research and strategy services to clients. Priyank is originally from the New York City area, and just last month moved from Columbus to Chicago.


Sociologist and Demographer Dr. Shah examines population trends on a micro and macro level.  Dr. Shah poses the challenges for our future that has a dramatic rise in multi-culturalism.  What is your vision for tomorrow?

Demographer, Futurist, Teacher