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Norah Zuniga Shaw

Animating Choreography

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Artist and researcher Norah Zuniga Shaw pushes the boundaries of what’s possbile in interdisciplinary collaboration and research driven by creative goals and ideas. In her talk, she will show an array of animations and information graphics that issue forth from the choreographic thinking of her collaborator, the celebrated choreographer William Forsythe. Working with a team of artists and scientists, Zuniga Shaw’s projects unlock the deep structures in choreography and mine them for lessons pertinent to the complexity of contemporary life.

About Norah:

Zuniga Shaw is a choreographer and interdisciplinary arts researcher currently working with William Forsythe and the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design as Co-Creative Director for the “Synchronous Objects” project. She is a founding member of the EMMA Lab, a collective of artists and scientists concerned with real-time engagements between the body, site, and technology.

She is a published author on dance and technology topics and her recent artistic commissions include an interactive sound performance for ICMC2007 with circus artist Jerome Thomas, three new dances for television (WOSU-PBS), and performances for NANO at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art. Zuniga Shaw is currently working on a book about “Synchronous Objects” and the new methods in interdisciplinary and practice-based research it required. She is Assistant Professor and director for dance and technology at The Ohio State University Department of Dance.