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October 22, 2010:

Live Blog:

As a member of the first graduating class of the STEM program Meagan is talking about her experience within it.

During her gracious introduction, she notes that she left the regular studies at Columbus City Schools to join the heavily science oriented STEM program only to graduate from OSU with a history degree. Why? Why not study something scientific after such rigorous training in the STEM program? Part of the reason is because the holistic approach the program endorses is greater than the sum of its scientific parts.

Her experience has been that learning is not static but rather is a process. In the program from which she emerged, it was as much about “how to learn” as it was about the sciences the approach teaches. Originally she was very interested in art, and when she started STEM, she was worried that those interests would be stifled or fade. Instead, she was able to incorporate her love of art and history into her STEM experience.

The active experience of that learning method is exhilirating and the personal approach causes deep learning.

While recounting some of her work in the program, the crowd is chuckling at her exquisite description of some incredibly detailed scientific analysis (that few in the crowd could decipher).

She notes that the strongest link in the learning system of which she was a part  is the community approach.