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Alex Bandar

Visionary, Metallurgist, Connector


For a guy that doesn’t sleep much, Alex has an amazingly coherent vision for the world. Concerned with the death of “shop,” his vision for bringing a “maker” experience to the students in Columbus is only one part of his story. He’ll share how that vision is informed by his morning, noon and night passion (yes, different than his day job), where he’s quietly built one of the most dynamic collaboratives of engineers, artists and tinkerers in the region.

About Alex:

Alex’s career bridges the technical, creative, educational and business communities, and he enjoys helping others to do the same.  As the director of the Columbus Idea Foundry he and his all-volunteer team teach classes on design and fabrication, provide consulting and production resources, perform micromanufacturing services for local businesses, and incubate 30+ individuals, artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses within the walls of the shop.  Alex and the Foundry are striving hard to demonstrate a new type of business that can empower individuals to explore technology, art, design, education and entrepreneurship.