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Bart Overly

Futurist, Architect, Thinker


As our population rapidly ages and lives much longer, how so might the habitats we have constructed for our comforts adapt to this change?  A global review of attitudes towards this longevity crisis (or opportunity) might enlighten design and development’s reaction towards it.  As a student of architecture, Bart will share his perspectives on this ever dynamic and somewhat troubling dilemma.

About Bart:

Bart Overly is an architect and auxiliary faculty member of The Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture, where he leads design studios focused on potentials for urban transformation in Columbus and elsewhere.

Professionally, the architecture studio he has developed with partner Beth Blostein, Blostein/Overly Architects, has been the recipient of numerous awards for their design and research work.  Notably, the studio has placed significant attention in the area of innovative housing and urban trends, with competitions for new affordable housing in New York City, artist housing in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District, and senior housing in San Francisco.  The studio’s work has been featured in venues including Cincinnati’s Contemporary Art Center, The Cleveland Institute of Art, The National Building Museum, and has been published widely.