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Claudia Kirsch

Radiologist, Artist, Pioneer


Claudia spends her life looking for hitchhikers, the kind that take ‘free rides’ along your nerves carrying cancer. Through her blend of science and a little art, she’s redefining how radiologists look at the most congested traffic site in our bodies: the head and neck. Her discoveries will inspire and may someday even save your life.

About Claudia:

Claudia Kirsch MD is an Associate Professor of Neuroradiology and Otolaryngology, Section Chief for Head and Neck Imaging, Assistant Radiology Resident Director, and Director of Radiology Medical Student Teaching at The Ohio State University Medical Center (OSUMC).

She co-authored Primal Pictures’ Interactive Head and Neck, which is software for visualization and understanding of anatomy.  The product received first place in both the 34th International Health and Medical education Media Awards and the BMA Electronic Books Category.  In addition, Dr. Kirsch’s research on perineural spread of cancer is focused on understanding neural pathways affected by cancer that lead to tumor recurrence and improving diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Kirsch is extremely honored to work with outstanding physicians at the OSUMC, including the Chairman of Otolaryngology Dr. Welling, the ENT surgical oncology team lead by Dr. Teknos, and skull base surgeons Dr. Prevedello and Dr. Carreau, to increase our understanding of how cancer involves the skull base and cranial nerves.  Her grant received from the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Foundation is focused on improving visualization and understanding of how and why head and neck cancer grows along nerves leading to perineural tumoral spread.

Dr. Kirsch’s recent publications highlight the need for awareness of perineural tumoral spread, and improved diagnosis, leading to adequate treatment, with a focus on advancements in imaging techniques using 3 Tesla MRI. She has received numerous awards for her research and her teaching of medical students and residents.