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Dirk Knemeyer

Provocateur, Entrepreneur, Thinker


Dirk argues humanity took a wrong turn, but is getting close to finding its way again. After centuries of industrial production in inhuman ways and scales we now have the opportunity to turn our substantial capacity for remaking the world toward the most promising and unexplored of frontiers: ourselves. Dirk challenges us to view the future through the lens of the self.

About Dirk:

Dirk Knemeyer is a Columbus-based serial entrepreneur. His company, We Create Goodness LLC, has spawned other companies in California, Massachusetts and Ohio including Sprout Inc., a human performance software suite, Involution Studios LLC, a software design studio, and Conquistador Games Inc., a game design and development company.

During his career Dirk’s clients have included Apple, Microsoft, Oracle and the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama. He has published over 100 articles on business and design topics, including in Business Week. He has given over 50 speeches and presentations including conference keynotes in Europe and the United States. Dirk has also served on the Board of 14 different organizations.