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Brian Roche

Pharmacologist, Researcher, Engineer


Knowing “now” what we should have know “then” is the basis of Brian’s research.  He will reveal to you the unsettling truth about the development of chemotherapy drugs and how, as cancer survivors who have taken them, face an uncertain cardiovascular future. And as his unexpected side effect, he may help redefine the methodology for all human trials in pharmaceuticals.

About Brian:

Brian Roche, Ph.D., is a board certified toxicologist with more than 15 years of experience in cardiovascular, respiratory and CNS safety pharmacology research and is currently the manager of Battelle’s safety pharmacology research group. His research has focused on toxicological and pharmacological evaluations, including QT interval assessments, of drug candidates that are advancing to the Food and Drug Administration’s Initial New Drug application and clinical studies. Additionally, Brian is the technical lead for development of predictive and translatable model systems to investigate drug-induced cardiac injury.

Batelle Safety Pharmacologist, Brian Roche outlines his case that surviving chemotherapy for cancer treatment has consequences.  For up to 15% of patients receiving chemo, there is irreversible cardiac damage.