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Dan Stover

Listener, Conqueror, Coach


Long before Dan learned how to swim in water, he had to learn how to tread through life at a time when he felt as if he were drowning. By being vulnerable, he was able to overcome himself and ultimately his fears, which he shares in his story.

About Dan:

Dan is an Executive Coach and Consultant at Integrated Leadership Systems in Westerville, Ohio. Dan’s goal is to help others overcome fear and replace it with passion. Even in the worst of fear, he believes that one must be vulnerable and “do it scared” to achieve results.

Dan graduated from The Ohio State University with dual degrees in Psychology and Criminology. His passion for psychology launched him into a leading role as an undergraduate Research Assistant at the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, where he worked on a longitudinal study exploring early onset bi-polar disorder. Since 2007, he has volunteered and coached incoming volunteers at Suicide Prevention Services on crisis management and the soft skills necessary to operate crisis hotlines. He is now a group leader and trainer for SPS and continues to volunteer his time to helping those in crisis.

After college, Dan pursued a role in Criminology and led a multi-million dollar digital technology initiative at the Franklin County Courts. He found that his leadership skills and passion for psychology were not fulfilled within the field. As Dan began to undertake stronger leadership roles in the community, such as the Vice President of the Downtown Residents’ Association of Columbus; he found the consulting and leadership aspects of these activities, combined with a passion for serving others, to be his calling.

Hardly turning down a worthy challenge, Dan has dabbled in everything from blogging to being an on-air radio personality and loves giving back to the Columbus community. If he had to choose between talking and listening, he’d probably choose listening. However, he likes to consider himself a storyteller too; engaging listeners through public speaking about leadership. Dan is currently writing his first book which goes in depth into his personal adversity and overcoming fear, tentatively to be released in 2013.