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Doug Smith

CEO, Speaker, Writer


Challenged with his own destiny, Doug, a CEO of a major corporation, made the one decision that was within his control: to be happy. Building upon years of this practice, Doug will close the day sharing a deeply personal story about living with joy, passion and purpose no matter what the future reveals.

About Doug:

Doug is a former business leader who wants to make difference in the world by teaching, writing, advising and by sharing what he has learned and by learning from others. During the past 15 years he has served as CEO of Kraft General Foods Canada, Chairman/CEO of Borden Foods Corporation and most recently Chairman/CEO of Best Brands Corporation.  His specific areas of interest are leadership and organizational effectiveness, happiness and well-being and the skill of dealing with setbacks in life. He works with individuals and organizations. Smith focuses on emerging companies, CEO’s who are eager to learn and enhance their leadership skills and not-for-profit organizations.  He teaches an undergraduate course at DePauw University and leads sessions at Canyon Ranch on “The Skill of Happiness”.  Smith speaks on both leadership and happiness at numerous conferences and organizations through which he raises funds for cancer research.  Smith has a BA and an Honorary Doctorate from DePauw University and an MBA from Dartmouth College.  He and his wife Phyllis live happily in Columbus, OH.

practicing the most important skill of today – forgiveness.  the key to happiness is ‘FOFO’ or embracing ‘faith, optimism, flexibility, and openness says cancer survivor Doug Smith.a skill-set in developing forgiveness and self-esteem is needed for an abundant and joyful life.