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Yiem Sunbhanich

Thinker, Leader, Entrepreneur



Exploring alternative ways to reduce traffic accidents

The next generation of GPS tools, that software that helps you navigate streets, is about to turn a dramatic corner, if Yiem…. has anything to do with it. Marrying his background in data & analytics and his passion for safety, he’ll share with us how we soon will be able to dramatically reduce the risk of being in a traffic accident.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated the national traffic crashes to be around 5.68 million in 2013. However, most of research, analyses and media publications have been focused on fatal crashes, which were 30,057 crashes in 2013 or 0.5% of the overall estimated crashes.

By combining increasingly available detail crash data from many states with ever improving analytic capabilities, Yiem and his colleagues at TNEDICCA™ are exploring alternative ways to reduce traffic crashes, especially the non-fatal ones.

About Yiem

Yiem Sunbhanich is a co-founder and CEO of TNEDICCA™. Prior to co-founding TNEDICCA™, Yiem spent 14 years analyzing data and leading analytics team in the Information Service, Insurance, and Automotive industries. The essence of his roles and responsibilities has been around helping companies to more effectively utilize the available data to make informed decisions and to take appropriate actions.

Since March 2015 Yiem has taken on an entrepreneurial journey to apply his learning, experience, and skills to a set of meaningful problems.

Yiem received a master’s degree in Economics from University of California at Los Angeles and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Thammasat University, Thailand.