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Chad Bouton

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Chad Bouton

Researcher, Visionary, Scientist



The New Medical Bypass

When the spinal cord snaps due to a tragic accident, there is no stitching it back together. The ensuing paralysis is nothing short of devastating. But Chad Bouton and his team at Battelle and The Ohio State University Medical Center, in an attempt to offer a hope and alternative for paralyzed patients, have borrowed a strategy used in cardiac surgery for years: the bypass.  It’s not like one ever seen before on any TEDx stage, so brace yourself and your perceptions to be blown away, as they are just picking up steam on this technology that is bringing hope to millions.


About Chad

Chad Bouton is a Research Leader at Battelle serving as principal investigator for numerous cutting-edge research and development programs. His expertise includes bio-sensors, neural prosthetics and decoding, and linear and nonlinear signal processing and control methods.

Bouton developed neural decoding methods that allowed a person to control a wheelchair with a brain implant for the first time. He also developed new signal processing methods for cancer detection systems to aid surgeons in more efficiently and effectively pinpointing cancerous tissue intra-operatively.

He holds 67 patents worldwide and has earned three R&D 100 Awards. In 2010, Bouton was recognized by Congress for his work in the medical device field and was awarded with Battelle’s highest honor, Inventor of the Year. In 2011, he became a Distinguished Inventor at Battelle and was recognized by the National Academy of Engineering.  He twice has won the Battelle Technical Achievement Award for his innovation and development of a new medical technology using radio frequency (RF) based sensing methods and for improved methods to decode signals from the human brain.