Favorite Talks

My Favorite Talk: Kim Kiehl

I use TED talks as teaching tools for my classes at Ohio State, as “intellectual background noise” when I am working in my office, and as food for my brain on a regular basis so choosing my favorite was tough.

Truth be told, the favorite I chose today would probably be different on another day, in another mood, with other things going on in my life, but that’s the beauty of TED. On this day, in this mood, and with what is going on in my life now, I chose Emily Pilloton’s talk Teaching Design for Change.

I totally love her story about how education is being used as “a vehicle for community change” in the small rural towns of Bertie County, North Carolina.  I love the systems thinking throughout this whole talk and I so agree with what she calls “the power of a small story.” I love how this talk gets my students, most of whom are planning to be teachers, excited about the possibilities of that profession. But mostly I love this talk because it gives me hope for a different kind of education system in this country, one that puts learning and children at the forefront instead of teaching and testing.


Guest blogger: Kimberlee L. Kiehl,  Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer