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Applauding the Creative Accelerants.

In 2011, a collective of creative designers, programmers, photographers, illustrators, musicians, animators and more offered their incredible talent and energy to the TEDxColumbus: A Moment in Time program.  Here, we give a nod to their amazing contributions Рall unpaid Рand dedication they brought together to accelerate our idea sharing.


From Base Art Co.

Event Branding, Print Graphics, Environmental Signage, Commemorative Poster, TShirt Design.

by Terry Rohrbach, Drue Dixon and Casey Carmell


From Bonfire Red redesign

By Joey Zornes and Chris Reinhardt

with support from



From Shift Global

mobile site:

Team: Jason Dziak and Leah Henderson, Design
Sean Sefcick and Chris Flinders, Development
Julie Vujevich, Project Management

Bill Litfin, Partner

From Spork Design

Speaker and Performer Portrait Illustrations

By Dominic LaRiccia and Drew Robinson





From SpaceJunk Media

Speaker Introduction animations (left) and 11.11.11 Global Tribute Video. (below)

Team: Producer: David Ball
Creative Directors: Jeff Boddy & Mike Beaumont
Designers: Dan Wineland, Rich Seemueller
Motion Designer: Marco Cardenas
Editor: Mike Nelson
Music: The Saturday Giant

TEDx 11.11.11 from Spacejunk on Vimeo.

From Time Tank Labs

Event Photography

By Meghan Kwast, Tammy Bornemisza and Molly McCafferty.



Now applauding our creative on-site production partners:


Host Partner

Production Team: Sam Frost, Steve Whitt, Cari Palmer, David Kramer

Executive Team: David Chesebrough, Kim Kiehl, Deb Hackathorn, Abby Rosenberger, Jen Cassidy, Andy Aichele (also TEDxYouth Co-Coordinator)


Steelcase, Loth and Turnstone

Environment and Furniture Partner

Jim Hackett and Jim Keane (Steelcase), Jeff Brock and Wendy Byrne (Loth), Sam Massie (Turnstone),,


WOSU and APEX Events

Videography, Viewing Pods and Lighting 

John Proseck (WOSU), David Simon (APEX),