Readers' Roundtable

Introducing Readers' Roundtable

The TEDxColumbus Community continues to ask for more programming beyond our annual event (save the date! October 5 @COSI).  We’re thrilled to announce the first of three initiatives to bring more content to those who want to be challenged, educated and inspired. 

Do you wish you could have more time for discussion with our speakers? Do you love to read? Than Readers’ Roundtable is for you! We are partnering with Catalina Gorla of Our Books to create a dynamic book club for the TEDxColumbus community.

Inspired by their respective TEDxColumbus talk, each session will be lead by a former TEDxColumbus speaker who chooses a book and facilities discussion.

Dr. Claudia Kirsch (2011 Speaker) will lead our inaugural event on Wednesday, March 7 from 6:30-8 p.m. at Columbus Metropolitan Library Main Branch. She will facilitate discussion on the book: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck.

Kirsch said she chose the book because, “Although we often feel we are ‘doing things right’ or ‘doing the right thing,’ sometimes mentally taking a step back and viewing it with a different ‘mind set’ can drastically alter the outcome and literally and figuratively change the course of one’s life.”

Following March’s conversation with Kirsch, David Burns (2011 Speaker) will facilitate the April 11 session over the book The Big Short, by Michael Lewis.

He chose the book because, “The book deals with “value” – its conception, perception and disposition. Tying emotion with value creates a disconnection between reality and perception. If you lace greed on top of it, the disposition of value tends to injure those who paid the highest price (spiritually and emotionally) and can least afford it.”

Jason Barger (2010 Speaker) will host a discussion on the movie Finding Joe for the June 8 session.

He chose this documentary because, “I am fascinated and inspired by those who are able to share their gifts and passions in the world on a daily basis. American mythologist, Joseph Campbell, encouraged us all to “follow our bliss” and discover what is truly possible in our work and life. This documentary speaks about the journey we are all on everyday to shed the status quo and become the best versions of ourselves in the world. I hope you’ll join the discussion!”

Additional sessions are being scheduled and will be posted here. (Please watch email, facebook and twitter for updates)

To ensure quality conversation, sessions are limited to 20 people. This event is FREE. The cost, either $15 or $20, covers lunch or dinner, respectively.  All events are held at the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library.

Each session requires separate registration.

Click here to register for Claudia Kirsch’s March 7 roundtable dinner (6:30-8pm).

Click here to register for David Burns’ April 11 roundtable dinner (6:30-8pm).

Click here to register for Jason Barger’s June 8 roundtable lunch (11:30-1pm).

If you have any questions, contact Catalina Gorla.