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RISK Assessment Part I

Every year TEDxColumbus promises to educate, inspire and motivate us, and this year was no exception. With the theme of RISK, curators Ruth Milligan and Nancy Kramer once again invited us down the open road of provocation and listening.

Was RISK risky?

Each of the thought-provoking speakers, which included educators, artists, caregivers, poets, physicians, business leaders, and change-agents, certainly took risks in order to change their lives. And, to bring their story to the TEDx stage is a risk in itself.


Stefan Farrenkopf, a high school music director, upped the risk ante even more. After listening to each speaker he composed and then performed an original song, somehow managing to incorporate aspects of each talk.


To attend TEDxColumbus is to be a part of a global conversation about our shared future. At this 8th annual event, we were challenged to open our eyes to things we had not seen before, to open our minds to ideas we didn’t know existed, our ears to music never before heard and perhaps, just perhaps to start a conversation we have never dared to have before.


I believe the particular power of TEDxColumbus derives from the organizers’ commitment to the policy that all speakers should work, live, or play in the Columbus, Ohio area. This is our community, these are the people in our backyards and they’re doing amazing things!