A Love Letter to Our TEDxColumbus Curatorial Committee

Dozens of Columbus community members work behind-the-scenes to make TEDxColumbus possible thanks to the gifts of their time, talent and passion.. This is the first in a series of love-letters is dedicated to them.


Dearest Curatorial Committee,


Henry David Thoreau said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Your vision and perspective help bring Columbus’ “Ideas Worth Spreading” to life..


You movers and shakers come together to select speakers from the over 160 applications we receive every year. And it’s no easy task. The ideas are new. The stories are compelling. The applicants as unique as our city. You help us ensure that we bring a diverse set of ideas, stories, and experiences to the TEDxColumbus stage. 


You social justice warriors, academics, tech-vangelists, and artists. What do you have in common?— a love for ideas and a love for our community. And you don’t hesitate to voice that passion strongly. We passionately debate, disagree, and agree in our time together. The curatorial committee meetings are a highlight of my year. I learn something new from each of you, my perspective is broadened, and I feel energized to make sure that passion is spread from the stage in November. 


Our 2019 Curatorial Committee members include:

Julia Applegate 

La Baker

Ben Blanquera

Morgan Howard

Sandra Lopez

Marshall Shorts

David Staley

Judi Stillwell

Erin Upchurch


TEDxCommittee Members:

Meagan Buren

Acacia Duncan

Ruth Milligan


To our TEDxColumbus community: if you see a curatorial committee member, give them a shout-out. When you see the speakers at TEDxColumbus: Spark on November 15th, I know you will feel as grateful for the work of the curatorial committee as I do.


With love,

Acacia and The TEDxColumbus Organizers


PS – Don’t forget we are still seeking volunteers for TEDxColumbus and TEDxColumbusWomenSign up here.