2019 Sponsor Love Letter

Dozens of Columbus community members work behind-the-scenes to make TEDxColumbus possible thanks to the gifts of their time, talent and passion. This is the second in a series of love-letters dedicated to them.


Dearest Sponsors,


When you hope to create an event that supports and builds community you know you need support. When you commit to creating high quality videos that can spread ideas from Columbus to a broader audience, you know you need support. When you bring the best production together for a stage show, you know you need support.


It is your support that allows TEDxColumbus to not only exist for our community, but to thrive year after year. Your support has helped thrust Columbus into the spotlight as the ideas that come from our community have been shared literally millions of times (one speaker alone, Casey Brown, passed the 3 million views mark this year).


Thank you for seeing the potential in TEDxColumbus. Thank you for believing that Columbus has ideas to share. And thank you for putting your money where you mouth is and making sure that TEDxColumbus continues to be a pillar in our community. We can’t wait to see you on November 15th.


With love,

Acacia and The TEDxColumbus Organizers