2021 Speaker Interviews

Meet Ashish R. Panchal MD, PhD

Ashish R. Panchal, MD, PhD is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medical Services and is passionate about improving the life-saving care given to patients prior to arriving to the hospital. His research focuses on improving prehospital cardiac arrest and airway management as well as defining the risks faced by EMS professionals while providing high quality care.

A TEDxColumbus Interview with Ashish.

TEDxColumbus: What inspired you to speak at TEDxColumbusSalon?
AP: I have always learned so much by engaging others, and TEDxColumbusSalon offered an amazing opportunity to connect with my community and, hopefully, share in my passion to help others.

TEDxColumbus: Why should people attend TEDxColumbus events?
AP: These events are an exciting way to be in touch with our community and to learn from each other. This year is particularly special since we have all been part of the virtual world. We have an opportunity through TEDxColumbus to start a conversation, though virtual, which can inspire us and help us through these challenging times.

TEDxColumbus: What is one surprising thing about you?
AP: I’m a classically trained vocalist.

TEDxColumbus: What is something you learned in 2020?
AP: To really enjoy the simple things, like a coffee with friends.

TEDxColumbus: What is one new habit you started in 2020?
AP: Playing board games with the kids. (Almost three times a week!)

TEDxColumbus: What do you hope to do in 2021?
AP: I think all of us hope for some of the simple things that we have been missing. Spending time with family and friends, being able to go on vacation successfully, and maybe even having a party.

TEDxColumbus: What is a hidden gem of Columbus?
AP: The Park of Roses

TEDxColumbus:  Phone call or Zoom?
AP: Zoom