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Alexander Wendt

By day, Alexander Wendt is the Mershon Professor of International Security and Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University, having taught previously at Yale, Dartmouth, and the University of Chicago. His research focuses on philosophical aspects of international relations. He is the author of Social Theory of International Politics (Cambridge, 1999), which in 2006 won the International Studies Association award for “Best Book of the Decade.”

In the 2013 TRIP survey of 1400 International Relations scholars he was voted as the most influential scholar in the field over the past 20 years. Wendt’s recent work, Quantum Mind and Social Science (Cambridge, 2015), goes beyond IR to consider the possibility that human consciousness is a macroscopic quantum mechanical phenomenon – in effect, that we are walking quantum computers.

At night, however, Wendt has long been haunted by thoughts of UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings, and what ETs’ potential discovery could mean for our civilization and politics. A taboo topic in academia, he has published one article on the subject, “Sovereignty and the UFO,” in Political Theory (2008). A condensed and more reader-friendly version appeared as “Militant Agnosticism and the UFO Taboo,” in Leslie Kean, ed. (2010) - UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record, New York: Harmony Books.

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