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Jay Donovan

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Jay Donovan

Mobile Strategist, Blogger, Trend Watcher



Our Community of Startups

Where do you get steam to start up and sustain a new venture? As a blogger for TechCrunch, a leading site for watching tech trends in the US, Jay Donovan has a hint. The startup team and the idea behind it matter a lot, but it also matters how well the community around the startup views and supports it. Few others have so closely watched the trends of the startup culture in Columbus and we thought it was about time to dig a little deeper into where and how we do and don’t support new businesses that bring about new technology.

About Jay

Jay covers startup companies for top industry blog TechCrunch. He has been published in CrunchGear, MobileCrunch, Mobile Marketer and consulted by The Sacramento Bee and Business First. Jay is also Associate Director of Strategy at Resource.

Previously, Jay led concept and strategy development of new digital and mobile products at Alliance Data, where he worked closely on digital advertising, messaging and payments platforms for the company’s 100+ retail clients. He helped to evangelize mobile as a priority for the company.