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Ken Rinaldo
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Ken Rinaldo

Interdisciplinary Media Artist, Professor, Ecologist



Trans-Species Symbiogenisis

According to Ken Rinaldo, the junctures where machine, animal, plant, bacteria and humans meet are where our future exists. Three decades of creating robotic art has taught him that living systems provide the ultimate models of what technology can become. Communication is at heart of his work with a desire to break down and reveal behavior, processes and patterns inherent in natural and semi-living species. His work exposes the underlying beauty inherent in the intercommunication of all species (organic and machinic) at all scales. As anaerobic bacteria have receded to our stomachs, symbiotically intertwined with our survival, so we are receding to a comfortable embryonic sac enveloped in technology as a new species. Neither human nor machine is ascendant; we are becoming symbiont.

He joins us on the TEDxColumbus stage to discuss and show a number of robotic artworks in the process of revealing this complex yet provocative philosophy.

About Ken

Ken Rinaldo is an American Artist and Educator internationally recognized for his interactive installations blurring the boundaries between the organic and inorganic and speaking to the co-evolution between living and evolving technological cultures. Rinaldo’s works have been commissioned by museums and festivals worldwide including: the Vancouver Olympics, AV Festival England, the Kiasma Museum Finland and Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.

Rinaldo is recipient of an Award of Distinction at Ars Electronica Austria first prize for Vida 3.0 Spain for Autopoiesis and his work has been featured on CNET, BBC, ORF, CNN, CBC & the Discovery Channel and select international publications like Wired Magazine and the book; Art and Electronic Media by Edward Shanken. Professor Rinaldo is the author of Interactive Electronics for Artists and Inventors and teaches robotics & programming, 3D modeling and animation within in the Art & Technology program in the College of Arts & Sciences at The Ohio State University.