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Srikanta Mishra


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Srikanta Mishra

Geoscientist, Thought Leader, Teacher



What the Frack?

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing for shale gas production, has become a rather polarizing word in recent years. Tensions between the competing challenges of resource development and environmental protection have spilled over to affect public conversation on the topic. Opinions tend to swing wildly – focusing either only on the promises or only on the perils of this technology. An objective and common understanding of the issues among various stakeholders clearly appears to be missing. This talk aims to provide just that unbiased, evidence-based understanding –what is fracking, why do we need it, and what are the risks associated with this technology.

About Srikanta

Dr. Srikanta Mishra is a Senior Research Leader in the Energy and Environment Business Unit at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, OH.  He joined Battelle in 2010 after a distinguished career in environmental consulting, including an appointment as Adjunct Professor of Petroleum Engineering at University of Texas.

Over the last 25+ years, Srikanta’s work has involved building computer models to understand what happens when we produce fluids from oil and gas reservoirs, or inject fluids such as CO2 and wastewater into deep geologic formations.  He is nationally and internationally recognized for his expertise in subsurface resource management, and regularly presents lectures, workshops and short courses on hydraulic fracturing related environmental impacts.  He holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University.